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    Welcome to Africa And Other Countries, bringing you insight, inspiration and commentary from forgotten corners of the world, alongside some of our most loved and accessible destinations.


    I am of course aware that the name Africa And Other Countries suggests that Africa is a country in itself. Culprits of ‘e.g. Africa’ overlook the intricacies of life in these 54-56 nations, opting instead for exotic images of war, wildlife and woe. We do the same with the beaches of the Caribbean or Europe's coffee and cakes. So, please read on for a more personal look at the people, places and peculiarities of Africa, and other countries.


    Howard Jones.

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    I first penned A&OC in 2015, following my time in the Congo and general penchant for Africa’s riches and discomfort. Having spent varying lengths in Malawi, Morocco, the DRC, Egypt, Tanzania, South Africa & Zambia, I’d yet to visit one of Africa’s more obvious, accessible and inspiring nations:...
    December 9, 2018
    Its 3:30am, freezing, and characteristically bleak in Victoria Coach Station as we settle aboard the National Express service to London Stansted Airport – mockingly 35 miles from the Capital, with a journey time longer than most flights to Northern Europe. Approximately 5am, now at Stansted....
    Where is Slovakia? No one really knows – yet this relatively mysterious half of the former Czechoslovakia promises mountain landscapes, elegant steeples and warming soups, and was therefore worthy of an explore. Bratislava Bratislava sits modestly on the banks of the River Danube, only 4...
    Revisit the first half of my North America journey here. United’s regional aircraft are akin to strapping two engines to a HB pencil, yet the vibrations and outside whooshing are mildly soothing even at 32,000 feet. We rattled over to New York, changed, and arrived in Québec City for lunch. ...
    Scorching May 19th marked best mate John and my long-awaited and loosely planned road trip to North America. This is where we rolled: Chicago, Illinois Propping up the southern shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago is the largest city in the Midwest, and a reasonably comfortable 8 hour hop with BA....
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    Howard grew up in Norfolk and comes from an agricultural background. For most of his childhood, his father sailed worldwide in the Merchant Navy, regularly plying unstable East African and Middle Eastern waters with oil cargoes. This early exposure to geography, cartography, and tales of the high seas sparked an interest in travel from an early age.


    Following a number of exotic family holidays, at eighteen Howard travelled alone to Malawi for his first taste of Sub-Saharan Africa. He then studied French and International Development at the University of Chester, complementing his studies with visits to the DRC, Zambia and Tanzania; and to the UN in Geneva. He also lived in the French Alps for one year, improving his French and making the most of the winter ski season.


    Formerly UK Project Manager for a street child charity based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, this gave firsthand access to one of Africa's least visited, yet revered countries. Continuing this sense of exploration, he is now based in London, managing a one million pound travel portfolio for some of the UK's most internationally focused companies.

    Congo Children Trust

    The Congo Children Trust's Kimbilio project supports street children in Lubumbashi, D. R. Congo. This UK charity helps children build a future with hope, overcoming challenges of poverty; witchcraft accusations; family death; parental divorce; and prostitution. Kimbilio aims to rebuild relationships and reunite children with their families. Please check out their website and social media feeds to show your support:


    Website: www.kimbiliocongo.org - Facebook: Kimbilio - Twitter: @KimbilioDRCongo - Watch: Documentary - Donate: Here

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